Leadership, Education, Advocacy, Development Initiative

WLI’s Call to Action includes a platform for action that not only sheds light on the issues that affect women and their families but that will actively work to ensure that through community/civic engagement we aim to help create a more just and equal world.   L.E.A.D. is part of WLI’s platform for action.

L.E.A.D Mission

Our Mission is to empower Latina women committed to our community to lead, educate, advocate, and develop (L.E.A.D.) the leadership skills and talents to address the socio-economic, educational needs and priorities in the El Paso del Norte border region.

L.E.A.D. Vision

The L.E.A.D. Development Program seeks to enhance the leadership skills and abilities of Latinas and for Latinas to transform their communities through social justice, equity, empowerment, and education.